Commit to Love All of Yourself

Commit to Love All of Yourself

April 04, 2016

There’s no one else like you in the world. Isn’t that fascinating? When we love others, we put all of our energy, time and effort into building a connection that could evolve into a meaningful relationship.

But with all the time we put into getting to know others, how much time do we spend in getting to know ourselves? When working with clients, I strongly encourage them to connect with their most primitive selves—to forget about the different roles they play in their daily lives and, just for a moment, focus on what they want and need. This includes staying attuned to themselves and starting to build a relationship with that primitive self.

An exercise that can help is differentiating the wants and needs that we have as a unique person and taking time to explore and be curious about them. Learning about our needs and wants will allow us to reconnect with what we truly care about and enjoy  If we take time to love, take care of and learn about ourselves, as we do with others, everything else will come naturally.

By loving ourselves, we embrace a whole world of opportunities, adventures and experiences within us. 

I encourage you to read the following commitment out loud:

By loving all of myself, I’m committing to dedicate time for myself to do the things I want, the things I’m hesitant to try and the things that bring excitement to my soul. I want to awaken a sense of invincibility, strength and pride within me. I’m open to listening to that voice that inhabits me and assures me that I’m worthy. The time I invest in knowing myself is a long term investment that will help me stay strong and truthful to myself.

This is my invitation to you, the reader, to take time from your busy life to commit to nurturing you. There will be days where you will forget about that nurture and care, but whenever you feel that disconnection, come back to it. Surprise yourself with something you know you will enjoy and that will bring you to the present.

Be gentle and patient with yourself throughout this process. Remember that there aren’t many people that took the time to tell us the importance of loving ourselves when we grew up, and we created a habit of not investing time to do so. Now is the time for you to build self-love, connect with yourself, and show others the importance of it.

You’ll be amazed by how different you feel as weeks pass by and you commit to self-love. Self-love is like a muscle: the more you exercise it, the stronger it will get and the better you’ll feel.

Enjoy your journey!




Lorena Ramos

Counselor at Between Friends

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